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Motor Drag Yamaha Mio TDR Racing Drag Bike

This Motor Drag Yamaha Mio Modified by TDR Racing.

Do You have Motor Yamaha Mio and want to modify into Drag Bikes, such as This Motor Drag Yamaha Mio TDR Racing, This Motor Yamaha Mio TDR Racing specs it can be your reference in modifying Motor Yamaha Mio. And of course in modifying your motor using racing parts / products of TDR Racing.
Motor Yamaha Mio TDR Racing 1 Motor Drag Yamaha Mio TDR Racing Drag Bike Pictures
Motor Drag Yamaha Mio TDR Racing.
Total = 239.48 CC. Japan Regulation Class SC-4 50 Meters
Best Lap Record : 3.15 Second  Total Weight : 48 Kgs.
Specification MIO Modified By TDR Racing For Drag Race.

Piston Size 67 mm. With Complete Ring Set (Using TDR Racing Component) 16 mm. Pin Piston
Body Cylinder : New Linner With Welding & Milling For 67 mm. Piston (Using TDR Racing component)
Body Gasket : Leather thickness 0.50 mm.
Alu. Body Gasket : Aluminium Spacer Thickness 10 mm.(Using TDR Racing component)
Head Cylinder : Move Angle With Big Valves With Brooze Guide (Using TDR Racing component)  Modified  Head With Welding and Milling Head Cylinder
Head Gasket : Copper Gasket thickness 1.50 mm.
Intake & Exhuast Valve : Big Valve   In. = 31 mm. Ex .= 26 mm. (Using TDR Racing component)
Center Crank 1+2 : Make Big Crank with Welding & Milling Suitable for Long Stroker
Crankshaft : Modified Crank and New Balancer
Pin Crank : up / down Total 10 mm.
Transmission : 16 T / 39 T
CDI Box :  Digital DC. Programmable (Using TDR Racing component)
Muffler : Stainless Muffler with Carbon Silencer  (Using TDR Racing component)
Carburetor : Keihins PE28SP With Racing Neddle Jet No. J   Lock # 4
Main & Pilot Jet : 140 / 42
High-Throttle : RS125 (Using TDR Racing component)
Auto Starter : Devide Battery For Start Engine Only (Hand Carry)
V-Belt : TDR Racing 2 Layer
Primary Clutch : Move Angle with Smooth Weight 6 pcs.
Shock Absorber : YSS Racing OG 302-300 TRL Rebound Adjustor and Spring Pre-Load
Tires : IRC Soft Compound  Front 80/90-14 Rear 90/80-14
[Source : mocyc.com] [Photos Courtesy : mocyc.com]

Detail Images of Motor Drag Yamaha Mio TDR Racing Drag Bike are Below:

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