Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Thailand vs Vietam Yamaha Nouvo Modification

Yamaha Nouvo Modified by Tomo Speed Shop.

This Yamaha Nouvo Modifications are eventually chosen is to combine between Bangkok and Vietnam style. "Broadly speaking these can be called Thai-style. Rims obligatory 17-inch ring, again combined with slick tires. 
Yamaha Nouvo Modified by TOMO Speed Shop
Perforated seat is also one of the main characteristics. See for example, drum, fan cover up to standard. All must be chromated to get the effect earlier. "In addition to regular chrome, now also another trend rainbow color products," said store owner Tomo Speed ​​Shop this variation.

Rainbow is shining with colorful effects such as rainbows. To Nouvo can be seen on the cover of the exhaust. "So, although still using the standard exhaust still look fancy though it only covers the replacement. While the influence of Vietnam can be seen in the selection of headlights from Nouvo Vietnam. "In Thailand alone there who wear baseball this light, only in Indonesia that disposable," he added. So his intention to create a new virus that combines the style of the two countries had been successfully realized.

  •  Tires size 50/90-17 Swallow
  • Rims using Ride It
  • Sok back using Trusty
  • Airs next using Gaz'i
  • Seat: Custom
  • Head lamp using Yamaha Nouvo Vietnam
  • Stop lamp from Honda CBR 150
  • Brake Handle using Posh

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