Jumat, 01 Juli 2011


Cielo sus water use, definitely gokil! If most Honda adopts water sus system using air cylinders (water cylinder), Ari Inggar Bowo even off the track. Doi sus prefer water with a rubber balloon (water bag). The reason can be understood, just as most people are traumatized by the use of air cylinder that is claimed to be extremely loud. Let's straighten this understanding first. Superior air cylinders because it is easily applied in a narrow cavity fender. Diameter is small but powerful. Also safe for the front legs. The drawback, air cylinders that seem solid are often unable to channel the air inside the car when shaken by the uneven road. In effect, the convenience of reaching the lowest point. That was then, fitting the euphoria of his sus water. Now, Acacia love telling recipes! For information, these cylinder systems have additional devices. "His name accumulator whose function is to facilitate the channeling of air while the cylinder, so the pressure in the cylinder is reduced, the effect is still soft anyway," said Iwan, frontman Acacia airbag suspension system installed on this Ari Cielo. Actually accumulator mechanism has been widely used in a rear aftermarket for motorcycles. Back at Ari's Cielo. Sus water collection system is able to set up a rubber balloon up and down as needed. A set of water sus Universal Water is composed of four pieces of rubber balloons, compressors and air tubes 3 gallons Viair. Such an amount is used for daily, and selected a 2 ply or 2-channel with the front-rear setup. Prepare only fund about Rp 27 million to get it. Since it is not made specifically for the Honda Cielo, there are changes that accompany him. On the front legs, swing arm to move position. The main pursuit of a more horizontal body. Front swing arm position was moved further down to about 20 cm. "The structure is similar to the Honda S2000, more comfortable when passing through bumpy roads, and the suspension could be more flat again," said Iwan. Likewise with the rear legs. The main constraint is the narrow space fender. Especially when a thick rubber balloon must enter into it. So inevitably dipapas inner fender about 2 cm.

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